Roger Sutherland was born in Sunderland in 1948.He studied art and design at Sunderland College of art but found the teaching 'extremely reactionary' and failed to complete the course. After a long period of unemployment he came to London in 1969, joined the Scratch Orchestra and trained as a secondary school teacher; later he earned his first degree in English at the North London Polytechnic and gained an M.A. in sociology at the university of London .from 1972 to 1988 he taught English invarious secondary schools and taught classes on new and experimental music at City university. Throughout this period he painted geometric abstractions in the style of Vasarely and Max Bill. He has written on art and music for the London Magazine, The Times Educational Supplement, Art and Artists, Resonance, Audion, ReR Quaterly, Auditorium (Milan), Deep Listenings (Rome) and many other publications. His articles have appeared in Estonian, Danish, and Italian versions. He currently paints in an Abstract Expressionist Idiom and plays piano and percussion with the improvising ensemble Morphogenisis. His favourite composer is Giovanni Gabrieli.