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Noisegate is a magazine of sound intrestes a magazine dedicated to the exploration and exposure of the innovative use of sound as a functional and creative medium. Distributing 500 copies per issue.It has had outlets in Sheffield, York, Leeds, Birmingham, London and Wiesbaden in Germany and subscribers from Europe, Scandinavia, U.S.A. and Japan. On the 25 March 1996 Noise Gate organised a Festival of Experimental Music at the Lescar,Sharrow Vale, Sheffield. June 1996 Noisegate participated in 7'8's Of A Second, The Midlands Art Centre, Canon Hill Park, Birmingham


Smallfish: Old St London EC1 9LT Record Shop

Sound 323: 323 Archwayrd Highgate London N6 5AA.

Record shop and art gallery opposite highgate tube contmeporary classical Avant-garde, Modern jazz, Experimental, Global, Free Improvisation, Electro-Acoustic and more.

Bookartbookshop bookshop and gallery Pitfield Street London

ICA book shop the mall london

The whitechaple gallery book shop Whitechaple Road London

Rough Trade:Record Shop Neals Yard London.

Artwordsbookshop Rivington street London

Serpentine Gallery Bookshop St James' Park Kensington London

North of england

Bookville, Newcastle

Rare and Racy,Devonshire road, Sheffield


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